A Village Celebration in Gomi

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (24)

We finally arrived in Gomi, and then continued another 15 minutes or so on bumpy dirt roads to the village of Binabougou, where the whole village had turned out to greet us, lining the streets. Mike Clayton was trying to get there with the bus of expedition people by 1:00. We got there first (it was about noon), so we got the big welcome with 100s of children lining the bumpy dirt road.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (25)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (28)

They had banners that said “Welcome to Binabougou! Happy to Meet You!” at the school and down the hill in the mango grove where they led us. They all followed and we were introduced to the village chief and his son, the town mayor, the griot (the town singer who is supposedly very famous) and the village drummers and dancers.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (29)
The Binabougou School where our church meetings are held on Sundays.
2019-11-30 Gomi trip (31)
All the important village leaders and school authorities.

For the next 1.5 hours they entertained us there under the mango trees. It was shady and nice. I counted more than 20 very large mango trees in the grove and there was a small stream behind us. This was the village gathering place. They sprinkled the dirt with water to keep the dust down, and the dancers came and did tribal traditional dancing. 2 or 3 men were in the scary masks and grass skirts and did crazy acrobatic dancing which sometimes scares the little children. I think there were about 300-350 people there, mostly children. They don’t see many white people that far out.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (30)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (40)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (35)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (44)

I was seated next to the village chief. The other 2 Elders arrived in another taxi and we all had the seats of honor. They were so happy to have us there.  John and I were even pulled out into the center to dance while they beat their drums. It was fun. But an hour and a half was a long time to keep the excitement up.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (65)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (34)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (38)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (42)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (45)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (47)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (49)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (50)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (54)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (55)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (57)

Taking a picture of me taking a picture of her!2019-11-30 Gomi trip (58)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (59)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (62)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (64)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (69)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (71)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (73)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (75)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (79)

Finally Mike and the others arrived. I think they had to leave the bus behind and walk into the village (bad roads), and then the dancing began again with new fervor.
Mike and his 2 nephews want to do a water purification treatment system in this village. They also want to help with the school in someway. Our group meets for church in the school, which was up the hill from the grove.

Mike and the doctors brought a donation of food for the village–they unloaded several totes and bags of rice and beans and maybe corn for the villagers. Good will. Right now we have 4 members Nouman, Shaka, who is the director of the school, Julien Doussou, and Maria Imbile. Then there is Rose’s family of 5 about 15 minutes away. And the Elders are teaching a Balo family of about 5-10 in the compound.

We met a wonderful man named Joseph Diarra, who teaches at the school. He was so kind and helpful the whole day. The Elders were able to set up an appointment with him for when they come next Saturday.  I hope he’ll be interested in learning.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (81)

The community drinking pot:

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (83)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (85)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (86)

Elder Lewis found a little friend:

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (92)

After Mike’s group left (they only had an hour to be there, heading next to the Artisan’s Market, then to Amadine’s), we said goodbye to all our new friends in the school yard and we walked up the hill to visit and teach the Balo family in their compound.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (94)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (95)

The Road to Gomi

2019-11-26 (27)

Today was a good day full of fun experiences.  We traveled to Gomi, a village where the missionaries are teaching some families.  We have about 10 members out in that area.

We went north, across the river, towards the Presidential palace up on the hill, then we went around the hill and kept going. It took us about 1 hr 15 min to get there.

It was a wild and crazy drive, through some of the most congested market areas I’ve seen here.  We also had a taxi driver who drove like a bat out of hades–and we had to stop a few times to put more air in the tires!  We weren’t sure we’d make it in one piece.  We traveled with Elder Usoh and Elder Tshiamala.

We passed through market areas that were solid traffic and people jams with motorcycles, donkeys, women with full headpans and children in the streets. The vendors came right out to and into the crowded streets with every imaginable market item. One area we passed through had onions–trucks, carts, bags, vendors and large headpan bowls of onions. Some were being loaded onto big trucks to go to other markets. What we see is indescribable and unbelievable.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (10)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (2)

We passed a city dump that came right to the street. Donkey carts were emptying out there and people were swarming over the mounds looking for anything edible or usable. It went on and on. There are so many black plastic bags that never go away.  I can see why so many other African countries have outlawed plastic bags.  They just never go away.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (14)

We kept driving on and on, until we were off the paved roads and into village areas that were still very congested. Rose and her family lives out in that area, about an hour from Bamako. I wonder how she found the church. She’s stalwart and good.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (5)

Below are a few more window pictures.  Sorry I can’t get out and take better ones.  It wouldn’t be culturally right, so this will have to do for now.

This was an interesting transport solution–tie some pallets under your truck and it’s better than a rack up on top!

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (3)

Furniture stores line the roads:

2019-11-26 (28)

2019-11-26 (29)

2019-11-26 (30)



Beauty and trash:

2019-11-26 (32)

Motorcycles and little mechanic shops are Everywhere!

2019-11-26 (33)

The plastic bags that never go away:

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (11)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (12)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (16)

Cool as a warm cucumber!

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (17)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (18)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (19)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (20)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (21)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (22)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (23)

Building Construction

2019-11-27 Shopping with Julie, FM lady (9)

It’s interesting to watch construction here.  We see it every day, everywhere we go.  One friend explained to us that because there are no bank loans or mortgages, when a family or a person has extra money, they buy cement blocks and enlarge their homes or buildings.  When the money runs out, they stop.  It’s a stop and go process that may take years.

2019-11-28 (2)2019-11-28 (3)2019-11-28 (4)

Thanksgiving Day in Bamako

This evening before we went to our dinner feast, I read a few more chapters in the book, Insights about Pres Nelson. This was interesting to me:

When later asked what he learned from the assignment to open the countries in Eastern Europe for the preaching of the gospel, particularly in light of the many stops and starts, failed meetings, and ups and downs, Elder Nelson replied simply: “The Lord likes effort. He could have said to Moses, ‘I’ll meet you halfway.’ But Moses had to go all the way to the top of Mount Sinai. He required effort from Moses and Joshua and Joseph Smith and from all of the subsequent Presidents of the Church. He requires effort from bishops and stake and Relief Society presidents and elders quorum presidents. There is always a test. Are you willing to do really hard things? Once you’ve shown you’re willing to do your part, He will help you.” (p. 197).

I am grateful to be here.  I am grateful for my family, for our missionaries, and for our new friends here.  We are blessed beyond measure.  There is really no place I’d rather be that right here right now.

And the Thanksgiving pizza was delicious!

2019-11-18 Dinner out

Visiting Friends on Thanksgiving Day

2019-11-28 (5)

We love going to visit friends here.  In many parts of the world, the term “investigators” is not used.  Instead we have “friends of the church” or “amis de l’eglise” which is perfect.  Today we went with the Elders to visit Valerie.  I feel like she is my sister and friend.  Her husband, Trinita, is a member of our Branch.

Our Elders Quorum President, Romaric Kouakou lives in the same building, downstairs.  We stopped by to see him and were lucky to find his brother, Igor Konan in town, just arrived from Senegal.  Tomorrow he is leaving for Nigeria for work.  We met Igor and his dear wife, Marina, when we were here last year.  Both of them served missions in Nigeria, my other home.

2019-11-28 (9)
Sis Lewis, Igor Konan, Romaric Kouakou

2019-11-28 (7)

2019-11-28 (10)

Fixing Up Our Apartment

2019-11-29 Apartment (5)

This week the church sent a physical facilities lady from Abidjan to help us finish furnishing our apartment.  The church will take responsibility for it now that we’re here (we’ve been renting it for the last year).  We spent 2 days shopping for a few things we still needed (dressers, nightstands, a few things for the kitchen, and a carpet).  It’s NOT easy to find things here.  But every little addition is nice and every day it feels more and more like home.  We Love it here!

2019-11-29 (2)

Our kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a stove with an oven, and a microwave.

2019-11-29 Apartment (7)2019-11-29 Apartment (8)2019-11-29 Apartment (9)

Now we have 2 nightstands and we also bought rods to hang the curtains we sent over.

2019-11-29 (1)

Our new dresser.  We still don’t have a closet rod or a place to hang our clothes, so we’ve been using my dresses as curtains in the guest room!

2019-11-29 Apartment (2)2019-11-29 Apartment (3)

We can’t get enough of our beautiful view every day!

2019-11-29 (4)

District Meeting 26 November 2019

2019-11-26 (8)

Tuesdays are District Meeting Days!  Elder Sulu taught a great lesson on service and serving one another. We met until about 11:00, then we showed them the new Christmas initiative video and some of the Light the World videos. That was fun and the Elders loved it.  It’s hard to imagine that in some parts of the world (like our home) it’s snowing and cold and carols are playing everywhere.  We don’t see much evidence of the holiday season in Bamako.

2019-11-26 (6)

We also showed them the new Missionary Handbook and let them read some parts of it.  This was all new to them and it created quite a stir!

2019-11-26 (14)

2019-11-26 (16)

This afternoon Elder Lewis met with Frere Mbaya to update the membership records.

We found a supply stash upstairs that needs a little attention.

2019-11-26 (22)

2019-11-26 (23)

When we were finished at the church, we bought a case of water bottles on our way to the main road, then hailed a taxi that was in such ill repair we almost didn’t make it home in one piece. Most of the inside of the car had fallen away. Door handles were wires. He had to use a stick in the keyhole to open the trunk to put our box of water in there. It was as bad as they get and filthy dirty. If the car went too fast (not that fast), it started to wobble back and forth. We weren’t sure we’d make it home in one piece, but we did.

2019-11-26 (24)

The inside of my taxi door!2019-11-26 (26)