Thanksgiving Day in Bamako

This evening before we went to our dinner feast, I read a few more chapters in the book, Insights about Pres Nelson. This was interesting to me:

When later asked what he learned from the assignment to open the countries in Eastern Europe for the preaching of the gospel, particularly in light of the many stops and starts, failed meetings, and ups and downs, Elder Nelson replied simply: “The Lord likes effort. He could have said to Moses, ‘I’ll meet you halfway.’ But Moses had to go all the way to the top of Mount Sinai. He required effort from Moses and Joshua and Joseph Smith and from all of the subsequent Presidents of the Church. He requires effort from bishops and stake and Relief Society presidents and elders quorum presidents. There is always a test. Are you willing to do really hard things? Once you’ve shown you’re willing to do your part, He will help you.” (p. 197).

I am grateful to be here.  I am grateful for my family, for our missionaries, and for our new friends here.  We are blessed beyond measure.  There is really no place I’d rather be that right here right now.

And the Thanksgiving pizza was delicious!

2019-11-18 Dinner out

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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