The Road to Gomi

2019-11-26 (27)

Today was a good day full of fun experiences.  We traveled to Gomi, a village where the missionaries are teaching some families.  We have about 10 members out in that area.

We went north, across the river, towards the Presidential palace up on the hill, then we went around the hill and kept going. It took us about 1 hr 15 min to get there.

It was a wild and crazy drive, through some of the most congested market areas I’ve seen here.  We also had a taxi driver who drove like a bat out of hades–and we had to stop a few times to put more air in the tires!  We weren’t sure we’d make it in one piece.  We traveled with Elder Usoh and Elder Tshiamala.

We passed through market areas that were solid traffic and people jams with motorcycles, donkeys, women with full headpans and children in the streets. The vendors came right out to and into the crowded streets with every imaginable market item. One area we passed through had onions–trucks, carts, bags, vendors and large headpan bowls of onions. Some were being loaded onto big trucks to go to other markets. What we see is indescribable and unbelievable.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (10)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (2)

We passed a city dump that came right to the street. Donkey carts were emptying out there and people were swarming over the mounds looking for anything edible or usable. It went on and on. There are so many black plastic bags that never go away.  I can see why so many other African countries have outlawed plastic bags.  They just never go away.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (14)

We kept driving on and on, until we were off the paved roads and into village areas that were still very congested. Rose and her family lives out in that area, about an hour from Bamako. I wonder how she found the church. She’s stalwart and good.

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (5)

Below are a few more window pictures.  Sorry I can’t get out and take better ones.  It wouldn’t be culturally right, so this will have to do for now.

This was an interesting transport solution–tie some pallets under your truck and it’s better than a rack up on top!

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (3)

Furniture stores line the roads:

2019-11-26 (28)

2019-11-26 (29)

2019-11-26 (30)



Beauty and trash:

2019-11-26 (32)

Motorcycles and little mechanic shops are Everywhere!

2019-11-26 (33)

The plastic bags that never go away:

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (11)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (12)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (16)

Cool as a warm cucumber!

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (17)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (18)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (19)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (20)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (21)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (22)

2019-11-30 Gomi trip (23)

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