District Meeting 26 November 2019

2019-11-26 (8)

Tuesdays are District Meeting Days!  Elder Sulu taught a great lesson on service and serving one another. We met until about 11:00, then we showed them the new Christmas initiative video and some of the Light the World videos. That was fun and the Elders loved it.  It’s hard to imagine that in some parts of the world (like our home) it’s snowing and cold and carols are playing everywhere.  We don’t see much evidence of the holiday season in Bamako.

2019-11-26 (6)

We also showed them the new Missionary Handbook and let them read some parts of it.  This was all new to them and it created quite a stir!

2019-11-26 (14)

2019-11-26 (16)

This afternoon Elder Lewis met with Frere Mbaya to update the membership records.

We found a supply stash upstairs that needs a little attention.

2019-11-26 (22)

2019-11-26 (23)

When we were finished at the church, we bought a case of water bottles on our way to the main road, then hailed a taxi that was in such ill repair we almost didn’t make it home in one piece. Most of the inside of the car had fallen away. Door handles were wires. He had to use a stick in the keyhole to open the trunk to put our box of water in there. It was as bad as they get and filthy dirty. If the car went too fast (not that fast), it started to wobble back and forth. We weren’t sure we’d make it home in one piece, but we did.

2019-11-26 (24)

The inside of my taxi door!2019-11-26 (26)

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