A Walk Through Town and Celebrating Sekou’s Birthday

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (2)

This evening we walked through some neighborhoods on our way to meet Sekou.  Today is his 31st Birthday!  We wanted to celebrate with him.  This week he is having his final exams for this semester and Sunday he flies to Accra to prepare for his wedding on March 7th.  We are so happy for him.

Here are a few of the things we saw along the way.  Evening is such a fun time to wander.  It cools down a bit–we had a nice breeze this evening–and people are out in the streets.  Children are playing after a full day at school (most come home late in the day).  We see them playing marbles and other games in the dirt.  Women are out preparing the evening meals.  Men are sitting with friends, relaxing a bit.  Kids are running and playing, some are on bikes.  It’s a good time to be here watching life around us.

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (4)

New cement being poured to make covers for this trench:

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (5)

Friends walking home from school:

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (7)

These women are dyeing fabric.  It was fascinating to watch them work, in purple dye up to their elbows, churning big pots of fabric.

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (8)

The did not want me to photograph their faces.  Here are the pots of dye:

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (9)

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (10)

And here is some of the dyed fabric hanging to dry in the street:

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (11)

2020-2-25 Bamako streets (12)

We met Sekou at Amandine’s restaurant at 7:00.  He showed us the exam he took today and one of his medical books.  We had a wonderful evening together talking about the Bamako Branch and things we’d like to do here, talking about his upcoming marriage to Dina, and learning more about his studies at the medical school.

2020-2-25 Sekou's 31st Bday (1)

2020-2-25 Sekou's 31st Bday (2)

Sekou told us this is the first time in his life he’s had a birthday celebration.  We were all so happy to be together this evening.  He has 4 more days of exams, then he’s  finished with school for now and can concentrate on his trip to Ghana and his marriage.

2020-2-25 Sekou's 31st Bday (3)

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