A Delicious Treat: Yaourt!

2020-2-25 Elders Food (2)

These Elders are so good to us!  Sunday after church they sent us home with two little frozen bags of deliciousness.  Elder Kouakou described it as “lait, fromage, or yaourt.”  When we got home and tasted it (after it had thawed a bit in the hot taxi ride home), we loved it.  It was like delicious frozen yogurt.

Today during my French lesson with them after our District Meeting (we practice conversation skills) I asked them how they made this treat.  Here is how they described the process to me:

1 kilo of powdered milk
5 liters of water
1/2 kilo sugar
3 packets of vanilla sugar
1 cup of vanilla yogurt

Mix 4 liters of water with the powdered milk. Stir well.
Add the 5th liter of water, but heat that liter (hot) before adding it.
Mix well.
Cover tight so no air can get in.
Put in a warm place, cover with a blanket.
Leave for 6 hours.
Pour into plastic sacs to freeze, or pour into bottles.

2020-2-25 Elders Food (1)

By next week the temperatures in Bamako will reach 105 degrees.  How fun to have such a delicious cold treat in this heat!

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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