Interesting things in Local Supermarkets

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (1)This morning we went back to the Ghanaian Embassy with our paperwork to get our visas for our upcoming temple trip.  After that, we walked to the 1001 Wonders Supermarket.  This is a great place to shop.  Their prices are good.  Much of the inventory comes from the Middle East rather than Europe.  It’s a very Muslim store, which is interesting in itself.  Here are a few of the things I found interesting to look at as we wandered through the store.

Above:  ground corn, lentils, dry beans, chickpeas, and also several types of rice.

Below:  plastic good are very cheap and used by everyone here.  For example a large dishwashing pan was about a dollar.  These dipping cups were about 30 cents.

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (4)

The potty pots above are used in every bathroom (instead of toilet paper) and are used for ritual cleaning before prayers.  Everyone has them.

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (5)

Household goods:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (13)

Cleaning supplies:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (14)

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (15)

Scratch pads for cleaning the large pots, hot pads made of wood, huge (long) whisks:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (11)

Mosquito nets.  The government supplies these to people in the villages.  They’re not very expensive.  Everyone sleeps under a net here, including all of the missionaries.

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (3)

In the middle of the store is a prayer area where men can go to worship at prayer time:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (8)

Prayer rugs and the Koran:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (10)

Prayer beads for sale:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (7)

Muslim prayer caps:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (6)

Home decor:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (12)

Clothesline ropes:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (2)

The check out:

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (2)

Yes, we found Top Ramen!!  It might be fun to introduce that to the Elders here!  We found a few other essentials like bug spray, mayonnaise, TP, fruit juice, and some treats for the Primary kids.  It was a good day for shopping and looking!

2020-2-24 Market 1001 (1)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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