Teaching the Children — Primary in Bamako

2020-2-23 Church (1)
Waiting for Sacrament Meeting to Begin


2020-2-23 Primary (1)

Now that we have a new branch presidency in Bamako, soon we will have callings for these good members.  Right now, aside from the branch presidency and the ward clerk, no one has a calling, so we all just fill in and help where we can.   My favorite place is with the children.  They forgive my French and help me when I don’t know the words.

Today I taught them about the Book of Mormon.  We talked about how we got it and what’s inside it.  I brought pictures and stories and we took turns reading and we learned together.  These children are like sponges.  They feel the good here and they want to know more.

2020-2-23 Primary (5)

2020-2-23 Primary (9)

2020-2-23 Primary (11)

2020-2-23 Primary (12)

2020-2-23 Primary (2)

We learned two new Primary songs today:  The Books in the Book of Mormon:

Premier et Second
Livres de Nephi,
Paroles de Mormon, Mosiah, font le Livre de Mormon.

Trois, Quatre Néphi,
Ether et
Nous connaîtrons bien les prophètes dans le Livre de Mormon.

2020-2-23 Primary (14)

And we learned the first verse of Book of Mormon Stories:

Dans le Livre de Mormon, on nous conte très bien
L’épopée des Lamanites dans les temps anciens.
En ce pays, leurs ancêtres vinrent de très loin,
Pour y vivre, ils devaient faire bien.

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