Mission Coordinating Meeting

2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (1)

This afternoon we met with the Mission Presidency, office staff and the APs for our weekly coordinating meeting.  This is where we discuss the affairs of the mission and the needs of the missionaries.  There is a lot that goes into running a mission and maintaining 160 or more young missionaries.  Housing, health, transport, problems, record-keeping and more.  These are excellent leaders and we’re happy to serve with them.

2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (3)

Eveque Mel is the Mission Recorder:2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (4)

Elder Van Duzer works in the office keeping track of things.2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (5)

Brother Ebick Ngoma is our historian and photographer.  Our APs take care of holding it all together.2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (6)

2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (7)

I wish everyone could see the inner workings of a mission.  There are a lot of plates to keep spinning.

2020-2-11 Mission Coordination Mtg (8)

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