Sekou’s Medical School in Bamako


Today between our meetings we passed by Sekou’s medical school, the University of Kankou Moussa in Bamako.  Sekou is a second year medical student here and he loves it.  He was excited to show us around the campus.


This is the administration and faulty building:



This is the classroom wing where Sekou’s class is.


This is Sekou’s class room.  He said he’ll spend 4 years in this room.  The professors rotate in and out of the rooms, so the students stay in the same place.  There are 30 second-year students in Sekou’s class.


Their weekly schedules and exam schedules are posted outside the classroom:



The center of the campus has basketball standards and a place to play some soccer.

2020-1-26 Sekou's Medical School (2)

2020-1-26 Sekou's Medical School (3)

2020-1-26 Sekou's Medical School (4)

What a wonderful blessing it is to have someone like Sekou in medical school here.  He has such a good heart and he loves the thought of ministering to people as a profession.  We wish him well.  It’s a long grueling path to become a doctor, but Sekou is well on his way!

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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