Francois Cissoko and the English Academy in Bamako

2020-1-21 English School (2)

Francois is one of our early members of the church here in Bamako.  He traveled to Accra to be baptized in 2016 after learning about the gospel from friends here in Bamako.  He’s a favorite translator for the expeditions who come to Mali, being fluent in Bambara, French and English.

Francois Director of the Mady Sissoko English Academy in Bamako.  This school started last fall semester with a group of high school and college-aged students.  Many of them are basketball players at local high schools who have been involved with groups that have come to Mali to promote their sport.  Mady Sissoko is a Malian high school player who went to Utah to play high school basketball.  He’s in his senior year now at Wasatch Academy.  Mady has been recruited to play for Michigan State.

2020-1-21 English School (3)

Before and after school, students who want to learn to speak English come to this school where Francois helps them learn from an online curriculum.  They do their work on individual laptops and have classroom discussions to practice conversation skills.

2020-1-21 English School (4)

2020-1-21 English School (5)

2020-1-21 English School (6)

2020-1-21 English School (8)

Students were just starting to arrive as we were leaving.  They were happy for this chance to learn a valuable new skill.

2020-1-21 English School (10)

2020-1-21 English School (11)

Good things are happening here in Bamako.  We have good members around us doing good things.  Francois is fantastic.

2020-1-21 English School (14)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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One thought on “Francois Cissoko and the English Academy in Bamako”

  1. WAAAAAA! Francois is my little brother!! It’s so fun to see you highlight him. I haven’t seen pictures of his school so that was very fun for me. He’s SUCH a good man! I lived with Francois’ family for 2 years in Ouelessebougou. Because he was so interested in learning English, and I desperately needed to practice Bamanankan, we spent a great deal of time talking to each other.


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