Defying Ants

2020-1-14 defying ants

I made some oatmeal cookies today.  I wanted to enjoy a couple of them while they were still warm as I studied.  I also wanted them to be safe.

Sometimes I forget and leave food out.  Once I left a little bowl of peanuts on this little table by my reading chair.  Within 15 minutes, there were dozens of ants in the bowl eating my peanuts.  I never see them from day to day, just when they find my food.

Mind you, we live on the top floor of an apartment building, 65 steps or more above the ground.  How do these tiny ants climb all the way up here, find a way into our apartment and know where my food is??  It’s beyond reason.  They must be really hungry.

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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