Sunday Services in Bamako and N’Gomi

2020-1-12 Bamako (1)

We went to the Bamako Branch early this morning to meet Pres Sekou before traveling to N’Gomi (we learned that is the most correct spelling).  Before leaving we had some time to help prepare the room for sacrament meeting and get the sacrament ready.

This week Pres Christ Anselme Prince attended.  We were so happy to hear that.  We have been missing him.  He came with his brother, Rich and his fiance Merveille.

2020-1-12 Bamako Branch
Bamako Branch 12 January 2020 Elder Kouakou, Elder Ikpeti, Pres Christ, Elder Sulu, Pres Nourou

While they met in Bamako, we traveled with Elder Usoh and Pres Sekou 1+ hours north to N’Gomi to meet with the group there.  Pres Sekou and Elder Lewis spent the rest of the day there conducting tithing settlements and temple prep interviews.

This is the road in front of the school where we meet for church.  It’s a small private elementary school owned by Chiaka and some partners.  Chiaka is one of our members and he’s given us permission to meet in one of the classrooms on Sundays.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (13)

On the way to N’Gomi we picked up Rose Albert’s 3 girls:  Habiba (Mischou) age 16, Amissetou age 17, and Ame age 17 (niece to Rose).  They live in Banconi along the way.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (3)

This is Elder Usoh’s last week in N’Gomi.  He is being transferred back to the Ivory Coast.  He has come to love this sector and today was a sad day for him.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (10)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (18)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (5)

Our church meeting place:

2020-1-12 Ngomi (11)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (6)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (7)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (8)

Pres Sekou is preparing the sacrament.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (20)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (9)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (57)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (26)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (28)

Elder Usoh led us in singing while we waited for everyone to arrive.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (32)

The meeting started at about 9:30 with Pres Sekou conducting.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (35)

Really wonderful talks were given by Ame, who is preparing to be baptized, and by Elder Usoh.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (37)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (38)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (41)

Our sacrament meeting felt perfect to me–a gathering of Saints and friends who are trying to keep the commandments and come unto Christ.  We had 8 investigators attending today.  I could feel them belonging here and I think they felt it too.

I often think about how small and simple the church is here right now in Mali.  It’s not big or showy.  It’s not shouting “look at me!”  We are humble followers of Jesus Christ and we quietly invite others to worship with us and learn of Him.  When they come, they feel His spirit.  They feel His love.  When they read the Book of Mormon, they can feel it is true, just the same way I feel it.  There is a strong and powerful spirit moving among these people who will become Pioneers here.  There is no place on earth I’d rather be than with them.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (42)

After sacrament meeting we had a Sunday School class taught by Pres Sekou.  We talked about the Book of Mormon, Another Testimony of Jesus Christ.  Each shared their feelings about the Book of Mormon.  We read the Introduction to the book together.  We talked about the prophets and what they taught and the stories about their families and people.  We talked about how the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and how reading it will bring us closer to Him.  What a gift the Book of Mormon is!

2020-1-12 Ngomi (43)

Each family received the new Come Follow Me study guide for this year and also the last editions of the Liahona magazine.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (48)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (46)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (50)

I felt completely content here today, with these friends.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (59)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (58)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (63)

Our group today:  back row–Elder Lewis, Pres Sekou, Catherine, Marie, Moussa, Julien, Elder Usoh, daughter-in-law of Pascal who is Mousa’s brother (front) and Nicole with child.  Second row:  Michou, Amissetou, Ame.  Front:  children and relatives of Moussa.

2020-1-12 Ngomi (54)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (65)

Julien, Catherine, Elder Usoh:

2020-1-12 Ngomi (67)

Moussa with children, Catherine and Elder Usoh:

2020-1-12 Ngomi (68)

2020-1-12 Ngomi (71)

After church, Pres Sekou and Elder Lewis spent the next several hours doing the interviews.  I had my own adventures with the children.





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