Pascal and his Woodcarvers

2020-1-9 Pascal Woodcarver (2)

We’ve been doing business for many years with Pascal and his woodcarvers here in Bamako.  We have purchased his beautiful carvings to raise money for the Ouelessebougou Alliance annual benefit auctions in Salt Lake.

I went looking for Nativities and artistic carvings in Abidjan last month, and brought a Nativity back for Pascal to replicate.  He’s holding his version (above).  It’s beautiful.

Many of the moms of the missionaries asked about the Nativities I posted on the  mission Facebook page during the holidays.  I decided to see if any of them wanted to purchase Pascal’s work, so I put the word out.  They were thrilled and already dozens of Nativities have been ordered.  I’ll take them to Abidjan to hold there until the missionaries go home so they don’t have to carry them around for two years.

Note:  these prices are the direct prices from Pascal.  If you see his work at our benefit auction, the prices will be double this or triple this so we can raise money for our projects in Mali.  The point there is to raise money and bless more lives.  If you are interested in contributing to the Ouelessebougou Alliance headquartered in Salt Lake City to help our humanitarian work here, please check this link:      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

This has been a fun project and it’s a great blessing to the carvers here who are always looking for work.  Here are some of the pieces we can get:

2020-1-11 Woodcarvings

Traditional 16-piece Nativity ($85)

2020-1-9 Pascal Woodcarver (14)

Hut Nativity ($25):

2020-1-9 Pascal Woodcarver (3)

This Nativity has moving parts.  Pascal calls it a Marionette Nativity ($30).

2020-1-9 Pascal Woodcarver (13)2020-1-9 Pascal Woodcarver (17)

Resurrection Morning ($30):

2020-1-11 Woodcarvings (9)

Held in His Hands ($25):

Joseph and Mary on Donkey going to Bethlehem ($35):

Noah’s Ark ($170)

Woman with Calabashes ($17)

This is a fun project that will provide our good missionaries with a real nice memory of their time here in West Africa.

2020-1-11 Woodcarvings (19)

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