Days for Girls in Ouelessebougou

2019-12-30 (2)

My friends in our Yakima Washington Mission made these Days for Girls shields and liners and this week the Ouelessebougou Alliance team brought them to us here in Mali.   They will be distributed to the women in the Ouelessebougou main town on Friday as a part of a big training and awareness event we’ve been planning.  Teningnini, our Program Manager, has been working hard, inviting women to come and learn about women’s health and how to manage feminine hygiene more effectively.  She works with village health workers and matrons in 25 rural villages in the Ouelessebougou region.

We have a Days for Girls sewing Enterprise in Ouelessebougou.  It started in 2017, when Celeste Mergens, founder of Days for Girls International, visited and trained our women how to make the kits and how to teach the girls and women who receive them.

We hope this awareness will help more women know about our sewing center and where they can purchase additional kits or pods (half kits).

2019-12-30 (3)

The local women who come on Friday will each receive one shield and 3 liners.  They’ll also get a washcloth and some soap.  We’ll introduce them to our sewing team and let them know that they can purchase more shields or liners here.  We want them to tell their friends and family members about what we do and how they can support these local women’s enterprise as they care for their own hygiene needs.

2019-12-30 (4)

2019-12-30 (5)

Meet Teningnini and Mariam, our sewing specialist:2019-12-30 (11)

These beautiful young ladies, Mariam and Tenin, have been trained to make the kits:2019-12-30 (13)

They work on treadle sewing machines.

2019-12-30 (20)

2019-12-30 (21)

2019-12-30 (30)

You can learn more about Days for Girls here:

Here are some photos that came from the Friday event in the compound.  Two hundred women came to learn!

2020-1-3 DfG OUA Compound (1)

2020-1-3 DfG OUA Compound (2)

2020-1-3 DfG OUA Compound (3)


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