A Local Barber and some Women’s Hairstyles

2019-12-28 (119) This fine barber works across the street from the church.  He drops by from time to time.  He said, “I like the way it feels here.  I feel welcome and I feel peace here.”

I stopped by his shop to say hello.  Here are some of the styles he can help you with if you’d like to try a new style!

2019-12-28 (121)

I’m pretty sure my son, Adam would choose this one:2019-12-28 (122)

The women also take great care with their hair styles.  Every day we see women plaiting or braiding each other’s hair.  Some women do it for pay, others trade with friends, doing each others’.  The styles are intricate.  Hair extensions are also very popular here.  Most women keep their hair fairly short, then braid patterns or extensions into it.  Many women also wear wigs, often for special occasions.

Here are some of our neighbor women, working on each other’s hair.  Notice the henna patterns on their hands and feet.

2019-12-28 (123)

2019-12-28 (124)

Extensions:2019-12-28 (125)

2019-12-28 (126)

2019-12-28 (134)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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