Saturday is a special day. It’s the day we get ready for Sunday.

2019-12-28 (5).JPG

We live in a dust storm of a dessert here in Bamako.  The warm breezes blow dust in every direction, through every crack.  Every Saturday morning the church building needs to be cleaned to prepare for the Sabbath.  Members come faithfully, missionaries help.  We all work together to make this an acceptable place to worship.  It’s good work and we enjoy being together.

I tackled a few unused rooms upstairs where our supplies are kept.  If left un-swept, the dust buildup is almost enough to silence the sound of our footsteps.

2019-12-28 (1)

2019-12-28 (2)

After a thorough sweeping, the floors are mopped.

2019-12-28 (6)

2019-12-28 (7)

2019-12-28 (3)

A local broom:

2019-12-28 (10)

2019-12-28 (11)

2019-12-28 (12)

The cleaning closet:

2019-12-28 (8)

Working with Pres Sekou after the cleaning was finished, planning tithing settlements:

2019-12-28 (13)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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