Feeding Friends

2019-12-3 District Mtg (2)

Our 4 Bamako Elders received transfer news this week.  Two of them will be going back to the Ivory Coast soon, so we made a plan to have dinner with them Sunday evening.  They tell me they are tired of eating rice and fish every single day.  So we went to the local supermarche and our favorite fruit stand and Sunday after church we prepared a big meal for them–pasta and marinara with lots of meat and vegetables in it, a fresh baguette, a fruit salad with pineapple, papaya and banana, and watermelon.  For dessert (not a thing here) we used our oven for the first time and I made banana bread.  Our oven does not have a temperature dial, so it was a bit of guess work to get the flame just right.  All turned out –the meal was delicious.

2019-12-1 Elders for Sunday Dinner (2)

Our Bamako Elders–these two are leaving us:2019-12-3 District Mtg (4)

And these two will be receiving new companions:2019-12-3 District Mtg (7)

Here’s how they showed up for dinner, with our friend, Romaric, the Elders Quorum President.2019-12-1 Elders for Sunday Dinner (3)

Tuesday evening we had a wonderful visit from Ibrahima and Miriam and their adorable daughter, Fatumata.  Soon Ibrahima will return to Abidjan to finish his Master’s degree in American Literature.  Miriam is also going to school, so Ibrahima leaves their motorcycle with her (she travels 2 hours to her university each day).  In Abidjan, Ibrahima is up at 4:30 each morning and he walks the 4 km to his university.  They are making great sacrifices to gain good educations.  We love them.

2019-12-2 Ibrahima & Miriam

Sekou and Dina were going to join us Sunday evening but Dina wasn’t feeling well, so they came on Tuesday evening instead and we had some leftovers we saved from Sunday.  Dina is returning to Accra this week.  They will be married in March.  We are so very happy for them.  Dina is brave to leave her home and family and move to Mali.  I hope we will become good friends here.

2019-12-3 (1)2019-12-3 (2)

Wednesday evening we had dinner with Abram Cosby.  He teaches 5th grade at the American School in Bamako (about an hour’s drive from us).  We went to the restaurant downstairs and had pizza and burgers and great conversation.  He’s the one on the left in the photo below.  Abram is from Salt Lake City.  He recently received the Melchizedek Priesthood and he and his mother will be attending the Salt Lake Temple in a few weeks when he returns home for his Christmas break.  We are so happy to know him and thrilled to have him in our Bamako Branch.

2019-11-17 Church Farako (11)

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