A Night in the Ouelessebougou Hotel

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (8)

We spent the night at the hotel in Ouelessebougou after visiting the Ouelessebougou Alliance compound with the team.  We had a nice freeze dried spaghetti meal with an appetizer of chips and salsa.  That sure tasted good!  There were beds and mosquito nets for 23 at the compound.  We and a few of the translators stayed at this lovely hotel.

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (9)

There were just a few things we forgot to pack.  Sheets.  Pillowcases.  Towels.  Toilet paper.  Soap.  We did have a bed and a mosquito net, and complimentary flip flops for the shower that was over the toilet.

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (6)


My tote bag is a reminder of our other life in another place.

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (4)

The potty pot is what is used in place of toilet paper in traditional Malian bathrooms.  I found some tissues in the bottom of my tote.

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (2)

One think we did think to pack for tonight:  Benadryl.  And we had a bottle of water.  We got a bit of sleep.

2019-11-24 Ouelessebougou Hotel (3)

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