District Meeting, Teaching and Visiting

2019-11-19 (1)

Every Tuesday morning at 9:00 missionaries throughout the mission gather with their fellow servants and have a District Meeting, under the direction of the District Leader.  Mission areas are divided into districts and zones.  District and Zone leaders make up the leadership of the mission.  Elder Oulai is our Bamako District Leader.  These meetings include song and prayer, a report of the previous week, looking at key indicators:  baptisms and confirmations, people on date for baptism, investigators (amis or friends) at church, new friends, progressing friends, teaching members and copies of the Book of Mormon given.

We talk about the good people we’re working with and what we can do to help each other.  Then one of the Elders teaches the rest of us about a gospel principle from the scriptures or from Preach My Gospel.

2019-11-19 (12)

The Elders fed us a delicious lunch:

2019-11-19 (27)

Their apartment:

2019-11-19 (24)

This afternoon we went to teach with Elder Oulai and Elder Sulu.  We visited Valerie and her son and then Ibrahima’s family.

2019-11-19 (31)

Ibrahima, Miriam and Fatumata:

2019-11-19 (15)

2019-11-19 (14)

2019-11-19 (16)

Here are a few of the typical sights we see every day in these neighborhoods:

2019-11-19 (33)

2019-11-19 (34)

2019-11-19 (40)

2019-11-19 (42)

2019-11-19 (46)

Notice the young boy filling bottles with gasoline.  This is a service station for motorcycles where you can buy gas by the liter.

2019-11-19 (7)

2019-11-19 (45)

2019-11-19 (47)

Our taxi ride home at the end of the day included a bit of Holiday cheer!

2019-11-19 (23)

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