A Day with Sad News

2019-11-17This day started like many others–we worked at the apartment, sorting and organizing and we had a fine lunch with food we left behind in Mali a year ago.  Stale crackers, good PB and some jam.

John went to work cleaning one of our Costco chairs that was sent over in the container.  The termites got to it and did some damage.  The whole chair seems to have inhaled the termite dirt, turning it a shade dingier than the companion chair.

2019-11-18 (5)

2019-11-18 (1)

2019-11-18 (4)

We are sorting through the things that came over in the container in August 2018, trying to organize what needs to go where.

2019-11-18 (6)

2019-11-18 (7)

We’ve set up a bedroom for now in the smallest, coolest room we have.  We’ll move to the larger bedroom once the A/C in there works.

2019-11-18 (8)

Our living room right now:

2019-11-18 (10)

2019-11-18 (12)

And our beautiful neighborhood view:

2019-11-18 (14)

After a long day of work, we decided to go downstairs to the restaurant for dinner to celebrate getting so much done.  That’s where we were able to get onto WiFi for a few minutes and that’s where I learned that my Dear Dad died today.  I cried as I ate and was able to communicate a bit with my family.  He died early this morning, letting go of his tired broken body.

Dad is flying into the heavens tonight.  But I’m pretty sure he stopped by to wave at me when he flew over Bamako.  I went out onto our deck when I got home to see if I could see any stars twinkling at me.  There were none.  There’s too much smoke and haze in the air.  Then all of a sudden all the power in our sector went out!  It was pitch black for about 20 seconds, as if he was giving me a nod, not from an obscured twinkling star, but with a sign I’d be sure to see, a quiet darkness.  I smiled and wished him well.  I love my Dad so much.  A great soul has passed today.


Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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One thought on “A Day with Sad News”

  1. Oh Ann, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Thanks for sharing his “fly-over” in Bamako. I loved hearing about his stop to bid farewell to you!


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