On the street where we live

2019-11-16 (8)

This is our street in Bamako.  It’s a lovely place, peaceful, respectful, and full of kind people.  The prayer calls from the mosques are heard several times and day, before dawn and at dawn.  The callers sing/chant reminders to us to pray and remember our God, which is rather a nice thing.

I’ve been wondering for a long time about what we would do with our trash here.  There are 10 units in our apartment building.  We live on the very top level (65 steps up).  We have no garbage disposal in the apartment, so all of our wet garbage and all of our trash needs to be brought down stairs.  But where would we put it??

We were told to bring our trash here, at the base of our building:

2019-11-16 (1)

Throughout the day, kids and adults sift through our trash, knowing that there could be something edible there, or something usable.  You’ll notice that there is never anything that will burn left in the pile.  Burnables are quickly taken to be burned under cooking pots.

2019-11-16 (2)

This is our trash man.  He comes by every morning to haul what’s left away.  I’m not sure where it goes from here, but we see these donkeys and carts all over town hauling trash away.  There are huge trash piles on the outskirts of town.  People swarm them, looking for things they can make use of.  We would do well to learn from the frugal people here who don’t waste.

2019-11-16 (6)

This sign taught us where we live–our area is called Badalabougou, by the 2nd bridge.  That’s how we tell people (like taxi drivers) where we live.  We don’t really have an address.  We’re in the tall building by the big mosque.  There is no mail delivery here.

2019-11-16 (3)

This home for rent is right across the street from us.  We’d love some good neighbors if any of you are interested.

2019-11-16 (4)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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