Our Bamako Apartment

Here are some of the sights we drove by this afternoon on the way to our apartment in Bamako.  This is a colorful, vibrant, busy city.  You can see that the people here are industrious, everyone is trying earn a bit of money by selling what they can out along the streets.

2019-11-14 Mali (78)

2019-11-14 Mali (80)

2019-11-14 Mali (76)

2019-11-14 Mali (75)

This is a gas station for motorcycles:2019-11-14 Mali (85)

2019-11-14 Mali (87)

Here are our Elders and Sekou up on our 4th floor balcony.  We have a beautiful view out over the city.  This apartment building was just being finished when we found it last year.

2019-11-14 Mali (90)

2019-11-14 Mali (92)

After helping us unpack and assemble a few things, we said goodbye to the missionaries and we went to work unpacking and sorting out belongings.  These boxes and things have been sitting in a container at the chicken farm for more than a year!  We had a little termite damage, but everything looked great!

2019-11-14 Mali (93)2019-11-14 Mali (94)

We took a break from the unpacking to have dinner at Amadine’s with Anounou.  Amadine’s is a favorite local restaurant run by a Lebanese family.  They have great pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and local food.

2019-11-14 Mali (97)

After dinner we went back to work at the apartment.  It was like Christmas opening the boxes and remembering what we packed a year ago August.  We only had 3 days notice to get things into the container, so I never took the time to write down what we sent.  John was happy to find that his M&Ms have survived!  When I asked him what food supplies he wanted me to pack, all he said was M&Ms!

2019-11-14 Mali (99)

2019-11-15 (1)

After being away from home for 3 years on our last mission, I emptied much of our food storage into the container, so it wouldn’t sit at home for another 2 years, untouched.  I figured we might as well use it here!

2019-11-14 Mali (95)

2019-11-15 (2)

I also thinned out our kitchen at home and packed some boxes of things left from our kids’ BYU apartment living.  We had plenty to set up this a new apartment.

2019-11-15 (3)

During those 3 days of packing things in the container, we bought beds and some tables and chairs at Costco, we found a used sofa online, and we packed enough toiletries to last us 2 years here, along with the food storage items.  What a gift it was to send a few things over so we could hit the ground running when we got here.  Tonight we made our beds and then fell right into them to try to sleep.  It was hard because we were So Excited to Be Here!  We love this apartment.  We love being surrounded by mosques and prayer calls several times a day.  All are evidence of a loving Heavenly Father watching over us here.  We are going to be so very happy here!

2019-11-14 Mali (101)


Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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One thought on “Our Bamako Apartment”

  1. Can’t tell you how happy I am that you are finally in MALI! After watching all the Ivory Coast posts, I kept thinking, “When do they get to Mali?!?”


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