From Abidjan to Bamako!

This afternoon we said farewell to Abidjan for awhile.  The flight to Bamako takes about an hour and 45 minutes, plus transport and airport time, so much of our day was spent getting to Bamako, our other home.  The cities are 575 miles apart.  It would take 15.5 hours to drive.

Map of West Africa 1

Here’s how the Abidjan shoreline looks from above:2019-11-14 Mali (1)

And here’s our first look at Bamako from the plane.  Bamako is north of the Ivory Coast, closer to the Sahara Dessert, so it is generally about 10 degrees warmer there.  It’s a hot dry arid country with lots of hard red soil.  2019-11-14 Mali (11)

We were greeted by our very dear friend, Anounou Sissoko.  He’s the field director for the Ouelessebougou Alliance, an NGO we’ve worked with for many years in Utah.  We’ve been traveling to Mali every year for the last 8-10 years or so.  We love our friends here.  Anounou is the one who helped us to find and rent an apartment while we were here last year.

2019-11-14 Mali (13)

We were also greeted by our dear friend, Sekou Dembele, the first counselor in the Bamako Branch.  He is a wonderful church leader here.2019-11-14 Mali (15)

It was fun to travel with President and Sister Binene.  We have so much fun together!2019-11-14 Mali (16)

2019-11-14 Mali (20)

2019-11-14 Mali (42)

Elders Oulei and Tschiamala and Frere Mbaya, the branch clerk were also here to welcome us to Bamako.  We have waited a long long time for this day!2019-11-14 Mali (45)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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