District Meeting with the Gonzague-Ville District (Grand Bassam Zone)


This morning we went with the APs to their Gonzague-Ville District Meeting.  We traveled along the coast about 30 minutes to get there.  We get a lot of rain here, sometimes through the night.  The puddles are evidence!

Every Tuesday morning every district has a District Meeting–throughout the mission.  This is a time when the missionaries serving together meet to lift, teach, instruct and help each other.  I love these meetings.  It’s where the bonds between missionaries grow and develop.


This district has 4 companionships of Elders.  Some are old timers, some are new.  Everything is always done in French.  Today Elder Lewis and I got to share our testimonies.  The French is coming, bit by bit.


In every District and Zone Meeting, the missionaries recite together from memory our missionary commission and purpose:


Today District Leader, Elder Broadbent conducted and taught us.  Elder Pond read from the white handbook, and each companionship shared their key indicators for the week.

Then Elder Ilori taught us from the account of Alma and King Lamoni.  It was a great lesson!  These Elders are all excellent teachers.  We love being with them.



This is also a very musical group.  Singing together felt like being in a choir.   Elder Tenney and Elder Broadbent were planning a special musical number for some future meeting.





We all love FANS!!  Temperatures here are in the mid to high 80s.  Humidity is usually 75-95% and the “Feels like” place on my weather app is always in the mid to high 90s.  We are all always damp with sweat!  But it’s a happy heat.  It’s good to be here.






Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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