Dropping by the Office on a P-Day

We took a walk over to the Mission Office this afternoon and arrived just as the Assistants and some Elders were having their lunch.  They emptied a bag of cooked cassava (called atjete?) and peppers onto a platter, then added fried fish from another bag.  They told me the food was purchased at one of many street vendors found on any corner.  They simply tell the vendor how much arjete they’d like by CFA, and the same for the fish.  This pile of food (which they call “Garba”) cost about $5 and it fed 4 hungry Elders.

2019-11-4 (6)

2019-11-4 (7)

2019-11-4 (10)

2019-11-4 (11)

Elder Lewis is trying to learn about the zones and districts in the mission.  He’s used to staring at transfer boards, and he wants to get this one in his head.  He wrote down  the names of all the zones and all the districts with the number of missionaries serving in each.  It was interesting to learn more about these areas.

2019-11-4 (12)

We enjoy working with Elder Gbedze and Elder Tenney, the Assistants.2019-11-4 (14)

It’s been a year this week since the groundbreaking ceremony for the Abidjan Temple!2019-11-4 (15)

Here’s a chart of our mission culture.  We have faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, we teach the doctrine, we are obedient and we respect the missionary schedule.2019-11-4 (16)

Author: Ann Laemmlen Lewis

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