Bon Voyage!

When I was a little girl, whenever we drove away to go somewhere far, we’d sing, “We’re on our little way, we’re on our little way.  Good bye house, good bye yard, we’re on our little way.”  We left home early this Monday morning, and those words ran through my mind.  Good bye to all we love, as we travel to a new place to love!

Claire and Aaron drove us to the Salt Lake Airport.  We left home at 5:15 a.m. after a short and sleepless night.   Last minute things included setting up our laptops and sending last communications to friends from here.  Eventually it was all finished and we were ready to go.

2019-10-21 Airport, Departure (2)

We flew from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Paris, where we had a few hours to sit and practice our French!  Then we boarded our flight for Abidjan, with a stop over in Bamako.  It was one of the nicest planes I’ve ever flown with.  New, big and comfortable.  The flight to Bamako was 5-6 hours.  We were surprised when we got there that EVERYONE got off!  We had the plane almost to ourselves for the last leg to Abidjan.  This plane turned around and returned to Bamako tonight, before loading and returning to Paris tomorrow. 

Here is the camera view of our approach to Abidjan:2019-10-23 Arrival in Abidjan (9)

With just a handful of people on this leg of the flight, gathering all of our luggage was easy.  We were grateful it all made it through.2019-10-23 Arrival in Abidjan (13)

We were greeted by Pres and Seur Binene and their Assistants.  We exited into the warm balmy humid heat of Abidjan.  It already feels like home!  Pres Binene is from the DR Congo.  He has a deep rich voice like James Earl Jones and a hearty laugh like Santa.  He’s learning English like we are learning French.  The Binenes have 4 children living with them here.  They took us to the Mission Office (the Mission Home is upstairs), where we visited and got acquainted.2019-10-23 Arrival in Abidjan (14)Today 19 young missionaries arrived from the Ghana MTC, and one arrived later this evening from the Provo MTC.  The Binenes have had a very busy day.  We had dinner with them, the APs, and the Elder from Provo, at the hotel restaurant, where we will be staying until our apartment is ready.2019-10-23 Arrival in Abidjan (21)

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