Week #2 in the MTC

2019-10-16 MTC (7)We’ve spent the last week at the MTC, learning more about our Savior, Jesus Christ and his gospel and how to share the joy we feel with those around us.  It was a great week!2019-10-16 MTC (3)

The MTC’s campus has 21 buildings on a 39-acre site, with a capacity of housing and training 3,700 missionaries. Over 600,000 missionaries from nearly every country in the world have come to the MTC for training. The MTC trains missionaries for all of the Church’s missions and gives instruction in 55 languages.

Here is a short 8 minute tour of this incredible campus.  You will love seeing what goes on here!

We arrived Monday morning for our orientation meetings.  68 Senior missionaries reported to the MTC this week, and 100s of young missionaries.  Here are our new friends.  Imagine all of the children and grandchildren these good folks are leaving behind! 

Monday afternoon we were divided into Districts with 4 couples in each.  These would be our classmates for the week.  Most of these missionaries move into the MTC and live here all week.  Because our home is only 10 minutes away, we slept at home each night.

2019-10-16 MTC (14)

Here is our District.  As we got settled in and met each other, John learned that he went to high school in Hacienda Heights with one of these couples who now live in Mesa.  They’d not seen each other since 1971!2019-10-15 MTC (4)

The MTC campus is beautiful this time of year.2019-10-16 MTC (11)2019-10-16 MTC (6)

Our District with Sis Eames, one of our teachers:2019-10-18 MTC (3)

John and Elder Arens catching up on live since high school!2019-10-17 MTC (22)

John never passed up an opportunity to eat just a few more chocolate chip cookies!  We probably won’t see those again for 2 years!2019-10-15 MTC (2)

With Sister Clark, our wonderful afternoon teacher:2019-10-17 MTC (31)

Here is where the language tutors teach remotely.  We got to visit Evelyn, our French tutor here.2019-10-17 MTC (39)

2019-10-17 MTC (45)
Evelyn Maeser, Best French Tutor Ever.

2019-10-17 MTC (41)2019-10-17 MTC (43)

The views from these buildings are spectacular!2019-10-17 MTC (50)2019-10-17 MTC (51)2019-10-17 MTC (53)2019-10-17 MTC (55)

2019-10-18 MTC (4)2019-10-18 MTC (7)

We had a wonderful week.  It was a little sad to drive away yesterday.  But we have bags to pack and errands to run before our departure Monday morning.  We are so excited.2019-10-18 MTC (12)

2019-10-15 MTC (6)

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